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5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Printing Acetate

by Mel Rogerson | Sep 28, 2018

With printing technology improving all the time people often wonder whether they can print acetate themselves - at home or at work.  The answer is yes but it depends on the results you're trying to achieve. You'll need to consider a number of factors including the equipment you have access to, print specifications, the quality you require, the cost of the project and time implications. This can be pretty daunting to someone starting out so to help you make the decision, we've listed some key questions with pointers below:

What type of desktop printer do I have?

You can acetate print on an inkjet printer but you will need a special film. Desktop laser should produce better results than ink but there may be colour limitations.

What quality of acetate printing do I need?

Printing acetate on a desktop printer doesn't usually achieve the same density of black achieved by a large-scale printer which uses specific high quality toner or ink/dye dependent on the process required. Desktop printers also have a tendency to band whereas a large-scale machine will distribute the ink evenly.

What size do I want to print?

You should easily be able to produce A4 and A3 acetates on a desktop printer. If you need something bigger then a large format printing company should be able to help you out. We print up to 116cm (44") wide and to any length which is ideal for commercial signage and artwork.

Is it important to achieve an accurate colour match?

If colour calibration isn't essential then home printing will do the trick. For a more accurate match it's best to print on an industry-standard printer although be aware that colours can appear differently depending on material and lighting. the colour will also hold for longer if printed on a machine with a higher specification.

How much time and money do I want to invest in this project?

Using a professional printer can see expensive but if you've never worked with acetate print before then it can take time to source the materials and refine your process.  If time is an issue, or you need high quality acetate printing quickly then an expert will be able to share invaluable advice about which stock to print on and will also check for any glitches in your files.

All the above should help you to choose with printing method to use but if you're still unsure you can contact us at www.ezeeplan.co.uk. We have over a decade's worth of acetate printing experience and work with a range of artists and screen printers.

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